NoFuss Solutions

Heavy on solutions, light on the fuss.


My name is Ewald and I'm a better developer than marketer. Actually, to be honest, I'm quite a terrible marketer, so it's easy being a better developer! Wait? That doesn't sound so great! Don't worry though, I'm even worse at admin and really dislike making a fuss over just about anything.

Alright, enough about what I can't do and more about how I earn money to feed my dog. Mobile apps, mostly on Android, and the accompanying back-end APIs and services are my specialty.

If someone sent you here, you are probably just wanting to check my availability.

I've built various software solutions (see my profile here) using technologies like Java, Kotlin, Rust, WebAssembly and a few others. Along the way, I've learned some hard and expensive lessons that I am happy to apply to your project, hopefully helping you save the cost of making those same mistakes.

To be honest, software development can be tricky, frustrating and often rather expensive. You won't find all kinds of wonderful promises about how I'm going to deliver you a baby unicorn or your own pet dragon from just two sentences on the back of a napkin.

Instead, I'm the guy that thinks proper planning is essential and I'm known for pushing back on projects that are clearly not ready for development. Not because I'm difficult, but rather because I don't see the point of either of us investing time, effort and money into something that is just about guaranteed to fail.

Now, what do I do exactly?

I build stuff, solve problems and save people frustration and money.

If you need a software solution, and you know how it should look, feel and work, you are in the right place. I build bespoke software applications, to your specifications, on your budget.

You know your business, you know what you want to achieve. You need someone that will help you get things done, with as little overheads and drama, as soon as possible. I am not interested in the business side of things, that's something I will leave to you. My focus is making the right technology choices to support your business goals.

If time to market, thorough planning and the user experience are concerns that resonate with you, we should to talk.

How would it typically work?

It starts with a simple, open-ended conversation. Our goal would be to figure out what you need done, whether I can help with it and, if I can, whether we'd be happy to work together.

Next, we'll go through your wire frames, flow diagrams and screen designs. The idea is the fully understand the user journeys throughout your application, so that we build the right APIs, services, reports and interfaces to support them. Doing proper planning at the beginning saves on rework, wasted effort and costs.

At the heart of everything lies a great user experience (UX). Part of this is of course screen designs and the look and feel of your solution. If you have not run your designs and requirements past a User Experience expert yet, I highly recommend speaking to Peter Koen from Pondo first. He specialises in creating frictionless, engaging user experiences for web and mobile applications.