Bespoke Software Solutions

Heavy on solutions, light on the fuss.

Let's get the song and dance part over with first

I'm not a marketer, I don't have slick words and fancy graphs to tell you I'm the best developer in the world and that I will magically solve all your problems for a fraction of what other companies will charge etc. etc. etc.

What I am, is a software developer with a great love for what I do. Some days I build mobile apps, other days I build dashboards, reports or databases. It doesn't matter, as long as I am solving problems and doing work that makes sense.

With that out of the way, I think it's important that you are here for the right reasons. Do you need someone to help you with the technical stuff? Do you want someone to work with you, building your solution, but not try to take over the business side of things? Then you might just be in the right place. Maybe. We don't know yet, but we are going to find out, that's for sure.

The things I say below will either make you close the browser in a huff, or make you want to work with me. Either reaction is acceptable, of course, but I sure hope you bother to read until the end before making your decision.

Things that are good to know

Let's talk about how we could work together on your software development project. Notice the `work together` bit? If you don't understand the difference between `working together` and `working for`, I urge you to make a `No thanks!` decision right here. Never mind what I said earlier, this is a circuit breaker.

Still here? Great! You might have picked up by now that I don't have time for fuss. Or bullshit. There, I said it. Bullshit includes assholes. If you are an asshole, we won't get along, I can assure you. It is very important to me to have a mutually respectful relationship with my clients. That's why I end up saying no to most of the requests I get from potential clients. Building software is hard work, it is often frustrating and can cause a lot of stress. If we are not able to work through those challenges, together, then we are definitely going to fail at what we do. I hate failing, so let's not set ourselves up for that.

Below, you'll find a little cheat sheet that will help you make a decision whether our way of working is compatible and whether there is sense in pursuing a possible working relationship. It will also give you some insight into how I think and work, which I hope will resonate with you.

Cheat sheet

Give yourself one point for every statement that you agree with and that is true. We'll tally the score afterwards.

  • You have a clear product vision and know exactly what it should look like, how it should work and where you want me to be involved.
  • This vision is more than an idea, it's a passion and you are ready, willing and able to put in the hard work and effort required to make it a reality.
  • You need a software developer, someone that will build the application and the background services, not an investor or partner.
  • You have a clear budget allocated and available for the project.
  • You understand your business and how you will make money from it.
  • You know which 3rd party services you will be integrating with and what is required to make this happen.
  • There are wire frames and screen designs available to review to better understand your goals.
  • You've put in the time to understand your target market and which platform(s) will best serve them.
  • You've been involved in software projects before and understand the various role players.
  • You understand that software development costs money and that I do not work for free.

Great! How much did you get?

  • 8 or more : Excellent, we should talk! Check my availability
  • 6 or more : Mmmm, there's probably one or two things that might be an issue...
  • 5 or less : Sorry, our approaches are just too different and I don't see us working together.

What if you need wire frames and screen designs?

At the heart of everything I do sits a great user experience (UX). Part of this is of course screen designs and the look and feel of your solution. If you have not run your designs and requirements past a User Experience expert yet, I highly recommend speaking to Peter Koen from Pondo first. He specialises in creating frictionless, engaging user experiences for web and mobile applications. The output of a consultation with him is the exact thing you will need to engage with developers and communicate your vision and requirements to them.