NoFuss Solutions

Heavy on solutions, light on the fuss.


This is not your typical slick marketing website with big promises and fancy art.

Most of my work comes in via referral, so in between contracts, I often use this website to experiment with different web technologies. Expect things to stop working or break when most inconvenient, even if they were perfectly fine on your last visit.

If someone sent you here, you might be looking for my profile or the contact page.

Now, what do I do when I'm not breaking this site?

If you need a software solution, and you know how it should look, feel and work, you are in the right place. I build bespoke software applications, to your specifications, on your budget.

You know your business, you know what you want to achieve. You need someone that will help you get things done, with as little overheads and drama, as soon as possible. I am not interested in the business side of things, that's something I will leave to you. My focus is making the right technology choices to support your business goals.

If time to market, thorough planning and the user experience are concerns that resonate with you, we should to talk.

How would it typically work?

It starts with thorough planning and ends with proper execution.

We'll kick things off by going through your wireframes, flow diagrams and screen designs. The idea is the fully understand the user journeys throughout your application, so that we build the right APIs, services, reports and interfaces to support them. Doing proper planning at the beginning saves on rework, wasted effort and costs.

At the heart of everything, is a great user experience (UX). If you have not run your designs and requirements past a User Experience expert yet, I highly recommend speaking to Peter Koen from Pondo first. He specialises in creating frictionless, engaging user experiences for web and mobile applications.