Freelance like a boss - Book Review


I'm not affiliated with the author and she did not approve this review. She probably hates it. Sucks to be her.


So I went and bought some paper with marks on them

Not so long ago, I chanced upon the prelaunch media hype articles for a book by Shea Karssing on how to be a boss at freelancing. "Freelance like a boss" sounded good and for the price of a nice bottle of wine, you can also own a copy!

First impressions

This is a book. Definitely. It has words, pictures, a cover, the works! So far, so good! Upon opening it, you find the words are put together in a not too shabby fashion, and they even make sense! Sure, the character development is slow, there's lots of side-arcs to the story, but that's a good thing.

I love how reading it I didn't want to fall asleep from boredom! So many of the books on freelancing are actually just really tedious reads with endless walls of text. Exactly what's not needed!

She gets it

Freelancing is hard. It can really suck at times. Often more than people expect! There are so, so many lessons one needs to learn. What I appreciate about the book is that it's written from the perspective of someone that has learned some of these lessons. The hard way. So you don't have to. Shea doesn't shy away from the things she's messed up and helps you understand how she failed and what she did to correct that issue. Whether it be putting a better process in place, walking away from certain jobs or just changing her perspective, it's all there.

Saves you oodles of time

One of the things folks always complain about with books is the cost. Sure, it's a few hundred Rand, and at face-value, that feels "expensive" for just some crappy paper with ink on it. The reality is that if you are thinking of freelancing, or even have been doing it for a while, there's a ton of research you need to do. Finding clients, marketing, billing, managing your time and so many, many things.

This book contains practical advice that is especially relevant to the South African context. It will save you so many hours, days, even weeks of research, trying to find information and frustration. With a framework like this, it's much easier to really dig into the sections you want to, because you understand where it all fits in with the overall picture.

Content IS king

This book is not fluffed out. Clever writing, tons of lists. Very little page fillers. The aim of the book is to equip you with as much knowledge as possible, in as few pages as possible. I love how each chapter is focused on a topic, so you can quickly get the information you need when you need it.

Unlike many other books on freelancing, Freelance like a boss gives you practical tips and tricks, ranging from how to START freelancing all the way to eventually THRIVE as a freelancer.

It's not just a book

Calling this effort a book is a bit misleading. Sure, it's a book, but it's also a guide, an oracle, your wise pal who's made the mistakes and are sharing their lessons with you.

This is not a story about someone who had rich parents and inherited fifty gazillion dollars and are now some "guru". This is an action-adventure in which Shea takes you on a journey through her freelancing experience. Along the way, you learn valuable lessons to apply in your own business, whether it be full-time or part-time, it doesn't matter.

Get yours today: Freelance like a boss

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