Hands-on Rust by Herbert Wolverson
Book Review


I'm not affiliated with the author and he did not approve this review.


I should have bought this book first

I made the unfortunate mistake of buying Rust in Action first, and, to be honest, that book almost put me off Rust forever. Fortunately, Hands-on Rust had great marketing and I decided to give Rust one more shot.

And did Herbert blow me away! His explanations made so much sense and I started writing Rust with joy in no time at all!

Fun and learning all in one

Hands-on Rust takes you on an epic journey of exploration, gently introducing new Rust concepts while keeping it fun. I found myself looking forward to my study sessions and had a blast learning Rust. Double bonus for being able to write my own little games and see my code in action.


I thoroughly enjoyed Hands-on Rust and can't recommend it enough. You will learn Rust, the foundations of game development and some good, general software development skills, all while having fun!

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